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what makes us sustainable

fabric & packaging breakdown
by: jewelz deszell

at this point, you probably already know that we’re a sustainable brand. what you might not know is how and what makes us sustainable. as of late, it’s becoming more and more concerning with the number of brands that are guilty of “greenwashing.” for anyone who isn’t familiar with the term, greenwashing is when companies market themselves in a deceptive way to convince customers that their brand is environmentally friendly when in fact it’s not at all. you might see misleading marketing campaigns using terms like “natural” and “eco-friendly” without providing a full breakdown of how they make their products. well, we want you to know everything behind the brand you know and love so let’s talk about what exactly makes us sustainable! 

our fabrics

first and foremost, we currently work with three core fabrics including organic french terry cotton, 100% standard 100 by oeko-tex polyester, and bamboo. we chose these specific fabrics because they allow us to create the best fit and quality while ensuring 100% sustainable practices. our mission is to have the smallest environmental impact as possible which we’ve been able to achieve by using these fabrics to create the bulk of our collection. here’s why we’re so passionate about them.

you’re probably most familiar with cotton fabric. well, we have something even better. in our collection, you’ll see that we use 100% organic french terry cotton which is what gives most of
our essentials that soft, plush feel. if you’re wondering what the difference between organic and non-organic cotton is, we’ll explain. organic cotton is grown without toxic pesticides or fertilizers. while regular cotton is already a much more sustainable choice amongst other fabrics, organic cotton takes it one step further by using far fewer resources. at eva, we’re always taking your comfort into consideration. you can actually feel a difference between organic and non-organic cotton because the threads in organic cotton haven’t been broken down by chemicals that are typically used in the growing process. 

next, let’s get into what we mean by 100% standard 100 by oeko-tex polyester! we know it’s pretty wordy and might seem confusing, but it’s actually pretty simple. any fabric that says “standard 100 by oeko-tex” means that it’s been checked and tested for harmful substances. this is so exciting because as you know, we simultaneously value the environment and our health. our founder, eva, has always been conscious about what she puts on her own body and stresses the importance of using fabrics that aren’t toxic for the skin.

speaking of fabrics that aren’t toxic for the environment or your body, bamboo is another fabric that’s near and dear to our heart! not only can it survive without the use of chemicals and pesticides during the growing process, but bamboo fabric can be composted and disposed at the end of its life. no worries though, that’ll be a long time from now because bamboo is one of the strongest and most durable materials! 

our packaging

just when you thought everything was sustainable enough for you to get on board with, there’s more! we don’t approve of single-use plastic, well, we actually don’t approve of plastic at all. so, you can expect all eva garments to be packaged and shipped in fully recyclable and reusable packaging. we put our trust in a company called ecoenclose because their values and standards matched ours. the packaging itself is made from 100% post-consumer waste and can be fully recycled to be reused again and again. it’s so disappointing to think you’re making a sustainable and conscious purchase for it then to be delivered in 100% unnecessary plastic packaging. 

like we said before, we’ll say it again. we don’t stand for greenwashing and we never will. at eva, we take sustainability seriously and nothing will ever be comprised. not the environment, not your health, and definitely not the trust you’ve put into us. when we say don’t panic it’s organic, we mean it because as long as you stick with us, you’ll never have to think twice about whether or not this purchase aligns with your values.