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virtual pop-up: eva x we are women owned

summer 2020 pop-up shop
by: jewelz deszell

guys, we have some news! as much as we’d love to be attending all kinds of events this summer and meeting some of you in person, everyone’s safety and health come first. as we mentioned before, we have to adjust to the new normal. with that being said, we’re doing the next best thing: a virtual pop-up! we know, this is very 2020 of us, but we’re rolling with it because we’re so excited to be a part of this event organized by the platform we are women owned

as you know, we are a women-owned company, founded by eva su (she’s on the right) and when we heard about wawo and their mission, it was just a no brainer for us to work with them. basically, their platform is designed to build brand awareness for women-owned businesses and connect us to one another! it sounds like a sisterhood, and that’s pretty much what it feels like. it’s a business sisterhood that helps small brands and retailers thrive off of the support of one and other. 

we’ll be real with you, running a business comes with endless hurdles to jump over (looking at you covid-19). that’s why lisa rosado, founder of wawo, decided to create a platform that allows women in business to feel supported, integrated into a community, and, most importantly, get noticed by other retailers and shoppers! 

“a place where women business owners in the retail space and beyond can come to feel seen, heard, and unconditionally supported by an army of brilliant, powerful women just like them!”

-- lisa rosado, founder of wawo

first things first, head over to their website and check out some of the other amazing brands that are similar to yours truly! if we needed another reason to work with wawo, it would be because of their inclusivity and mindfulness when choosing brands to promote. not only does wawo share all women-owned brands, but you can also find latina-owned and black-owned businesses to support!

now that you know a little bit about their platform, let’s go over what you can expect from our collaboration! throughout the duration of the virtual pop-up, we’re offering you all 10% off of our entire collection. yes, that means until the end of summer, you can use the code "wawo" at checkout and you’ll receive 10% off your order!

at a time of so much uncertainty, supporting small businesses means everything. so whether you’ve already been supporting eva or just found us through wawo, thank you for being here and know that your support isn’t going unnoticed! in this next stage of growth, we’re working on building brand awareness because we think everyone should know that they have a sustainable and eco-friendly option. with a growing number of greenwashing brands (see our previous blog post to read more about greenwashing), we’re fighting against deception in the retail space. it’s the reason we share the front and backend of our business with you guys because we value transparency and know that you do as well. our main mission has always been to give people the option to choose clean and choose organic, but what good can we do if people aren’t aware of our existence? that’s why we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of a platform that’s built to help spread the word about brands like eva. so, before summer ends, make sure to take advantage of this event, continue to choose small businesses, and most importantly, feel proud of being a conscious consumer!


shop the collection and use “WAWO” at checkout for 10% off!