what does it mean to be sustainable? the textbook definition is as follows:
conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources
now for the big Q: how does sustainability play a role in fashion?

sustainability is becoming huge in the fashion industry. more often than not, clothes are being rapidly produced overseas for the sole purpose of meeting the needs of ever-changing trends. that said, environmental and health impacts are not being taken into consideration.

how can clothes affect my health? because our clothes come in close contact with our skin, any chemicals within the fabric/material can be absorbed by our bodies and contribute to health issues/disease.

eva x sustainability 

rest assured, all eva garments are locally made using either natural or organic materials.

our labels are also made out of a natural cotton twill — and no, you will not get the urge to rip it off!

not only are the clothes you're adding to your wardrobe contributing to a better you & environment, all eva items are proudly packaged & shipped in 100% recyclable & reusable packaging. our mailers are entirely comprised of post-consumer & post-industrial content — let's continue this reuse and avoid waste!

when it comes to the package inside the package, we are NOT about that single-use plastic life. introducing — glassine bags: made with paper, naturally biodegradable, recyclable and durable to keep your goods safe in transit. 

we'll end this here — while there is controversy surrounding whether the fashion industry can ever really be sustainable, there are certainly ways to reduce consumption. you can start with eva.

as a company, we are aiming towards being as transparent as possible with what happens behind the scenes. feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns —

thanks for tuning in! xo 

—eva su, ceo & founder