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our response to covid-19
by: jewelz deszell

well, welcome to this new normal everyone. we say “new normal” because it’s been roughly four months since our entire lives flipped upside down, and we hate to say this, but we can’t expect the world to return to what it was before covid-19. instead of dwelling on life before the coronavirus, we’re choosing to be proactive and adapt ourselves to this new state of normalcy.  that’s why we just launched our own reusable face masks! is it a product that we planned to have in our collection? no, but as a fashion brand, we have the ability to protect you and those around you from getting sick. and if there’s one thing that we care about, it’s the health and wellbeing of the planet and the people that are living on it. so, let’s face the facts together and do our part to protect each other.

why wear a mask?

first things first, with all the misleading information floating around on the internet about wearing a mask, let’s address why we all need to wear one. early march is when we started seeing speculation about whether a mask is effective or not. we originally heard from public health officials that a mask is neither mandatory nor effective for this particular virus which is the main reason for all the confusion now. in the beginning, there was a shortage of masks available to frontline healthcare workers which is why we weren’t required to wear one in our everyday lives. however, as more data becomes available, recommendations will change.

now that more studies have been conducted, it’s required that we wear a mask to protect ourselves and our communities in order to slow the spread of the virus. after further research, public health officials announced that wearing a face mask is our strongest defense mechanism as individuals. not only are you protecting yourself, but you’re protecting those in your community.

disposable vs. reusable

the idea of people protecting their communities is a beautiful thing but realizing that millions of disposable masks are being thrown out every single day is not. most masks aren’t even being properly thrown away, just thrown on the ground and ending up in the ocean. covid-19 is our most current problem at hand, but we can’t ignore the fight against pollution and continue to add to it. we’ve made great progress towards better environmentalism over the years, but the abundance of discarded single-use face masks and rubber gloves is our next growing problem. 

our face masks

we couldn’t sit back and watch this all go down. as a sustainable brand, we feel it’s our duty to educate others on the importance of physical health as well as environmental health. after educate, it’s our responsibility to provide which is why we now have reusable face masks. 

we always want you to feel good about your purchase from eva so we want you to know that our masks are made from 100% upcycled cotton, elastic and latex-free, and dual-ply to meet the cdc recommendation. the best part is, a portion of our masks are donated to local frontline workers who we appreciate now more than ever!

unlike disposable masks, you can use this mask over and over again until it starts to get dirty. but instead of throwing it out, just throw it in the wash and make sure to use hot water! you can wash our masks as many times as needed and it’ll continue to remain effective in keeping you protected. we know we’re fighting a virus right now, but it’s not an excuse to practice wasteful behavior and we don’t want anyone to have to make that sacrifice.

one last thing because you know we couldn’t end this without talking about style! our masks are in black and white which makes it easy to wear with any outfit. we’re all about versatility and don’t see the point in buying something that can only be worn with one or two outfits. while wearing a mask might seem like it’s subtracting from your outfit, it can actually add to it and be trendy. keep in mind that it only feels that way because we’re not used to it but it’s been quite normalized in other countries. if it’s styled right, it can actually complement your outfit (peep the pic on the left taken in shanghai in 2019). see what we mean?

be sure to do your part in protecting yourself and others, but you know we always got your back when it comes to keeping you on-trend!

stay safe.


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