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top 5 quarantine essentials for comfort

self-isolation style 101
by: jewelz deszell

starting to feel less and less like yourself after 5 months in quarantine? we get it. being stuck inside all day, every day, can put anyone in a rut. it’s totally normal if you feel lazier with your everyday routine so don’t be too hard on yourself; we’re all in the same boat! we’re here to give you a few tips on how to pick your mood up in times of uncertainty and remind you to do something special for yourself when you’re feeling low. even if we could give you an outfit that makes you feel cute and it makes your quarantine just a tiny bit better, we’ll be happy with that!

let’s get into some key essentials for the most comfortable, stylish, and trendiest quarantine ever!


on model: downtown hoodie in light purple & malibu joggers in black

hoodies are by far, the most essential quarantine staple. but, we’re not talking about just any hoodie. we all have that old sports tournament hoodie from high school or that extremely oversized hoodie that you’re not totally sure is yours. those types of hoodies serve their comfort purposes, but if our goal is to lift our mood when we’re feeling unusually low, we recommend our downtown hoodie. it’s flattering, lightweight, simple, and best of all, sustainable. you can wear your downtown hoodie every day of the week during quarantine, and you won’t see wear and tear. 


on model: zuma waffle knit in white & malibu joggers in olive green

everyone’s favorite: joggers! let’s get one thing straight. our malibu joggers may look like sweatpants, but they’re actually made from a lighter-weight material. we use 100% organic french-terry cotton which makes them not only extremely soft and comfy, but they also feel more put together than sweatpants. with joggers, we wanted to give you the appearance of sweats, but without the lazy, just rolled out of bed look. basically, you get the best of both worlds with joggers: comfort and style.


on model: weho crew in white & melrose legging in black

can’t find the motivation to workout in quarantine? no problem. when gyms were open, our best advice to get yourself there every single day was to throw on a cute gym outfit. now that we’re all doing home workouts, the same strategy applies! actually, it’s even more important now since we may have less motivation than before. never underestimate the power of putting a little effort into your outfit to make yourself feel motivated. throw on our melrose legging, mix and match with a hoodie or crew neck, and get that home workout done!

crew necks  

on model: weho crew in white & malibu jogger in black

there’s nothing better than having an option between a hoodie or a crewneck. seem the same? we’ll get into their differences. the main difference is pretty obvious; our weho crew doesn’t have a hood whereas our downtown hoodie does. but, crewnecks can also be styled and worn differently than hoodies. think of a crewneck as you would a sweater. pair it with a skirt or with jeans to take your outfit down a notch into comfy, yet put together! 

face mask

on model: reusable cotton face mask

for the safety of yourself and your community, do not forget about your reusable face mask. under the circumstances of 2020, we’re saying it now: face masks are in! before going out and getting just any mask (we know there’s an abundance on the market now), make sure to take a moment to read through our previous blog post where we discuss the environmental benefits of ours. with a concerning amount of disposable masks ending up in the ocean, we’re doing our best to reduce waste while protecting people at the same time.

stay positive, keep motivated, and be safe, everyone!