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the story of eva

welcome to the blog!
by: jewelz deszell

from the start of eva, we made transparency one of our top priorities. we wanted you to know everything about us from where we source our fabrics to what goes on behind the scenes of our business. well, just like everything else, every brand has their own story of how they got started. we thought, what better way to exhibit transparency than to share ours with you.

allow us to take you back in time to summer 2016, the year that everything started to piece together. what began as a summer internship in the fashion industry ended up becoming the initial driving force in the making of our brand. our founder, eva su, had the lightbulb moment where she knew she was in the right place. the only question was, what else did the fashion industry need more of? well, the answer is simple. the fashion industry needed a brand exactly like eva.

when you think of eva, we don’t want you to think of clothes (bear with us here). we want you to think sustainable, think organic, and think ethical. we want you to think of these things instead because it’s the true essence of eva. it’s what sets us apart from the other streetwear brands and what we pride ourselves in the most. the last thing the world needed was another fast-fashion brand. that’s why eva took a few years to consider what kind of values she wanted to reflect in her brand. by taking bits and pieces she deemed important to her own life such as health-consciousness, environmental awareness, versatility, and practicality, eva realized the answers she’s been looking for were within her all along. 

she knew she could find athleisure clothing at any streetwear store, but it probably wasn’t going to be sustainable. it probably wouldn’t be organic. it probably would be delivered in plastic packaging. most importantly, it probably wasn’t ethically produced. these are all the things that eva herself didn’t want to get on board with just for a trendy outfit. long story short, that’s really why we’re here today. we’re one brand that’s changing the consumer experience. why should anyone have to sacrifice ethics for style or vice versa? 

if there’s one thing eva knows, it’s how to take one outfit and make it work for everything that’s on the daily agenda. there’s no need for excessive outfit changes or hoarding clothes in the back of your car anymore. the whole point of sustainability is to get
more out of less. not only do we apply this concept in the making of our clothing, but we want our customers to be able to apply it to their style. 

as for how we want you to feel when you’re wearing eva, we want you to feel comfortable, casual, and effortlessly chic. hence the
effortlessly part because as an athleisure brand, our main purpose is to have you feeling cute while putting in minimal effort! that’s just how we want you to feel physically though. on the inside, we want you to feel proud of being a conscious consumer. with what seems like an endless array of tempting ads, you said no to fast-fashion and said yes to slow-fashion, yes to a small business, and yes to ethically produced clothing.

we’ll leave you with one last note about the future. and that’s, sustainability is IN and we promise to continue building the bridge between style and ethics so that you’ll never have to make the sacrifice again!