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top 5 streetwear trends for fall 2020

streetstyle trends
by: jewelz deszell

we know it’s somewhat hard to believe since the past few months just seem like a blur, but fall is right around the corner. with every new season comes some brand new trends in the streetwear world. the word “trend” might send some people running because that usually means wasted money and short-lived styles, but this fall, it’s looking like there are a few trends that might be here for the long haul.

comfort over everything

maybe it’s because of the pandemic, or maybe street fashion is actually distancing itself from unrealistic styles. either way, this is our moment to shine! when it comes to streetwear fashion, we’ve really seen it all. from wearing puffer jackets in california heat to way too oversized camo pants, less is more hasn’t always been included in streetwear ideology. 

surprisingly, covid-19 might be impacting our fall 2020 style more than we thought it would because now we’re seeing people value their comfort over anything else. the way the outfit feels is becoming more important than how it looks. of course, this is still fashion we’re talking about, and at the end of the day, we all still want to be somewhat on-trend. 

the best part about comfort becoming a trend is that streetwear is already the most comfortable style of all. now, we’ll just start seeing even more comfortable clothing on the market. instead of too baggy or too tight, brands are taking a more relaxed approach when it comes to fit to meet the demands of the industry. 

monochromatic outfits

when it comes to color schemes, we’re going back to 2015 when monochromatic outfits became a hit, thanks to the yeezy collection. in recent years, we let bright, mismatched colors have their moment, but it’s looking like we’re back to subtlety this fall. not only are monochromatic outfits a lot less blinding to look at, but it has an effortlessly cool, off-duty look. 

as you might have already noticed, we love the effortless style! this fall, the hottest colors to wear for a monochromatic look are all neutral shades like blue, nude, rose, and amber. if these colors don’t put you in the fall mood, nothing will!

sustainable fabrics to protect the ocean

perhaps our favorite trend of all, conscious consumerism! as we mentioned in our previous blog post, people are recognizing the social and environmental power in shopping sustainability. we’ve all heard the terrifying news that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, which is probably just one reason that we’re seeing this shift in fashion. 

more brands are popping up and showing consumers that it doesn’t take environmental stress and unnecessary waste to produce on-trend clothing. there’s nothing better than filling your wardrobe with pieces that you don’t feel guilty about purchasing. no buyers remorse, no heavy conscious, just clean and green clothing. 

chic sweatsuits

you can’t say we didn’t warn you! in fall 2020, chic sweatsuits will be worn everywhere (speaking positive here, but obviously as long as covid allows). they’ll be worn to the gym, on campus, out shopping, to restaurants, you get the point. since fashion is taking on a more comfortable approach to style, chic sweatsuits check all the boxes here with the right amount of effortless yet put-together look.

don’t get it twisted though, we aren’t talking about tracksuits! sweatsuits have a softer, more athleisure feel to them while tracksuits look athletic but are a tad less comfortable because they’re likely made from polyester. polyester, a synthetic blend of fibers, isn’t great for the environment or your health. for the coziest and cleanest sweatsuit, your best bet is to look for organic cotton!

versatility and functionality 

as you might have noticed, streetwear is becoming more functional than ever before. we’ve seen it coming for a while now since pockets were on the rise, and crossbody bags and fanny packs even made their comeback. instead of carrying tiny purses that fit nothing inside, we saw more people using functional accessories as statement pieces as well as for convenience. not to mention, clothing has also become a lot more versatile. we’ve thrown away the attitude of “more is more” and have taken pretty well to the concept of minimalism.

this fall, start taking a look at your wardrobe to find outfits that can be worn for every event on your daily agenda. instead of multiple changes throughout the day, this trend makes it easier to wear one outfit for the gym, to work, to lunch, and to chill at home without any outfit changes in between.

there you have it, 5 streetwear trends that you’ll start seeing everywhere! for now, we’ll find these trends all over instagram, but we’re crossing our fingers that we’ll get the chance to see it out in public this upcoming season too!