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a note from our founder


hey ladies! we’re coming up on the 1 year anniversary of when sh*t hit the fan. never forget that time in march 2020 when things first shut down, and we all thought, "things will be fine in a few weeks." lol yikes. i don’t know about you, but i never want to hear the words “covid,” “corona,” “quarantine,” - basically any word associated with this mess, ever again.

from what i’ve heard, it seems as though the majority of us are still working from home until further notice - in other words, we’re still living in sweats. jeans? haven’t heard of them. make up? my skin has never looked better. dry shampoo? my bff. as if any of us enjoyed putting jeans on and staying in them for 8 hours straight (wait what).

this past year has really allowed me to embrace this new fashion that, let's be real, is the hottest thing we've seen in years!! confidence is sexy and we are most confident when we're comfortable! 

the latest trends we've been seeing range from sweats, to sweatsuits to tie-dye sweats. (the sad) truth be told, not many of us are dressing up to go out anymore so it’s only right that the most popular styles lately revolve around the comfiest styles out there. who's complaining!?

ok now for something a little more personal. not to sound cliché or whatever but during quarantine, i have personally seen tremendous growth within myself. not only did i become a mom (!!) and have learned more about life, relationships, etc. in the last 6 months than i, probably, ever have; but this isolating time has also given me to the chance to dive deep into the importance of living sustainably. 

now more than ever am i being extra conscious about the products i use, clothes i wear, food i eat, etc. not only for myself, but also for this precious angel baby of mine! her name is mila and she is a dream of a baby ❤️

an account i've recently come across - @labels_matter does a great job highlighting good vs. bad products in terms of harmful ingredients. it's honestly quite alarming and scary even for someone (me) who thought their hand soap from whole foods was a-ok.

all this is to say yeah, this last year has not been fab but despite how difficult this time has been for us, it’s so important to focus on the things that matter to us the most. for me, that's family, health & passion. 

without family, who else will love you unconditionally?

health is wealth and that's a damn fact.

stay true to what you're passionate about

ok, that's all from me for now!! and as previously mentioned on our socials, we have an exciting new collection launching soon. please be patient as covid has affected nearly every sector of the fashion industry and we are trying our best to get things moving!