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a guide to versatile outfits

creating a versatile wardrobe
by: jewelz deszell

creating an eco-friendly wardrobe isn’t just about the fabrics you choose or the companies you support, but the amount of clothing you purchase also plays an important role. ever since the rise of fast fashion, clothing waste has practically become normalized. 

however, just because your closet is full of basics, it doesn’t mean that your style has to be! this week, we’re introducing you to a new and improved way of viewing fashion: a versatile wardrobe.

taking some inspiration from a minimalist wardrobe, versatile fashion is focused on finding essential pieces that can be paired in more than one way. better yet, more than two ways. it sounds complicated, but we’ll give you a head start by showing you a few ways you can wear our favorite staple pieces!

the downtown hoodie + malibu jogger combo


model wearing: downtown hoodie in black & malibu jogger in black

keep things simple and pair the downtown hoodie with the malibu joggers for a classic and comfortable go-to look. as we head into the colder months, this look basically becomes our uniform. while you can never go wrong with a full-on matching sweatsuit, our collection is designed so that you can mix and match just about any color! 

model wearing: downtown hoodie in light purple & malibu jogger in black

grab one, two, or all three colors of the downtown hoodie to pair with the malibu joggers for any day of the week. made for whatever you have on your schedule, whether it’s a road trip, online zoom class, or netflix at 2 pm, we always make sure your comfort comes first!

the melrose legging

model wearing: weho crew in white & melrose legging in black

every minimalist wardrobe needs at least one good pair of leggings for workouts or just lounging around the house. the melrose legging hits at the high-waist with mesh panels on each side for a contoured fit. pair it with the white weho crew to stay warm, without feeling too lazy. we like to think that the cuter the outfit, the better the workout!

models wearing: zuma waffle knit in light blue & melrose legging in black

think of waffle knit tops as the perfect middle ground between a hoodie and a crewneck; not too heavy, yet keeps you warm! let’s face it; the gyms are still closed, and we’re all dreading those outdoor workouts a little more as the temperature continues to drop. throw something cozy over a sports bra and get your workout in!

the palisades tank 

model wearing: palisades tank in white 

one of our favorite ways to wear the palisades tank is with a classic pair of blue jeans and white sneakers. only have high-waisted jeans? no problem; just twist and tie the front of the tank to make it cropped!


model wearing: palisades tank in light blue & melrose legging in black

whether you’re doing a quick indoor workout or feeling a bit casual today, the palisades tank can practically be worn anywhere. made with a blend of cotton and bamboo, the breathable material flows perfectly over the melrose legging for a comfortable athleisure look.

model wearing: palisades tank in white & malibu jogger in black

last but not least, don’t be afraid to pair a tank with some joggers! it might seem counterintuitive, but with the unpredictable fall weather, sometimes you need to stay cool on top and warm on the bottom! for a more fitted look, you can also tie our tanks in the back and keep the knot hidden. 

as you can see, the key to a versatile wardrobe is sticking to basic colors that can be paired with anything. once your closet is full of your favorite staple pieces, you’ll never experience that notorious wave of panic that comes with having nothing to wear!